The EPI heavy duty spring (rate 77/132#) is on the left, compared to the stock spring on the right.  There are three major differences, the first being the EPI spring is about one coil width shorter, the second being the EPI spring has a larger coil diameter, and the third being the EPI spring is wound differently at the top.
With front rack, headlight assembly, and top strut nut removed, I used two ratcheting tie-downs to compress the spring slightly.  I used a floor jack under the front differential to lift the ATV, then depressed the strut rod through the hole in the tower.  Once clear of the tower, the top of the strut assembly was pulled outward and forward giving full access to the spring.
The EPI spring is installed on the left side and the top strut nut is ready to be put back on.  
Repeat the procedure for the right side and both EPI springs are now completely installed.  I took this opportunity to shine things up a little bit, there was a lot of dirt under the rack area where you normally can't get to while washing. 
I decided to take an extra pic of the Reverse Override switch that I installed two weeks ago, courtesy of   Now I'm ready for snow!!